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Statement Regarding COVID-19

In the weeks leading up to now we have taken every precaution, following every guideline provided by the CDC and CMS including restricting entry, monitoring aggressively our staff and residents for signs and symptoms, excessive training and retraining on staff proficiency for infection control, deep cleaning, social distancing, and many other proactive measures to ensure our residents and staff safety. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the novel virus and long incubation period during which most people are asymptomatic, we have identified at least one case in the facility who has tested positive for COVID-19. So what does that mean? Well, we have notified the appropriate authorities including the Department of Health, and Health and Human Services. They were very complimentary of our efforts thus far, and had no further recommendations to reduce the risk other than what we are already doing. We have isolated the risk, but we must be aggressive with our efforts. Therefore we are prophylactically isolating all residents in the area potentially affected. Rest assured we have plenty of support at all levels, and despite the PPE shortage around the country we are not without the needed supplies. We remain in daily communication with the appropriate individuals, and appreciate everyone's support. Rest assured if your loved one has been presumed positive or is exhibiting a change in condition, the resident representative will be contacted immediately.

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At Kansas City South Nursing & Rehab, we’ve taken every aspect of the transitional rehabilitation experience and completely redesigned and reimagined it. At Kansas City South Nursing & Rehab, we specialize in a full spectrum of rehabilitation, including Cardiac Rehab, Orthopedic Rehab and more.

We offer a warm, upscale setting that combines the comforts of a stylish boutique hotel with a truly state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility – providing the ideal location for our guests to recover their strength and regain their independence.

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Kansas City South Nursing & Rehab has created the ideal combination of rehabilitative and nursing services to meet each patient’s specific needs. With over 30 years of experience in a facility designed to promote comfort, relaxation and recovery, Kansas City South Nursing & Rehab promotes successful recoveries after illness, injury or surgery.